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nice to meet you

My name is Viktoriya Milgalter. I am currently based in Switzerland artist. I was born in Kazakhstan in 1979. I have moved from east to west, from north to south. For many years, I lived in Finland, later I have found my home in Israel and in 2018 I have moved to Switzerland. I have a M.Sc. degree in Psychology and worked a lot with small children. 

Art has been my passion since childhood and I’ve been painting since very early age. In 2016 I began to exhibit my works. My studies, my work, the people I’ve met, nature, and a lot of traveling have made a big influence on my artistic style. The mane motif of my works is the naive inner child in all of us. My goal is to express in my paintings feeling of love and harmony, positive and optimistic energy of colors and to show the beauty of our world as I see it.

Works held in the Art Gallerias in Israel, Brazil and several European gallerias and in the private collections in Finland, USA, Israel and Poland. I actively participate in art events and exhibitions around the world.

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